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Post  Nick_172 on 6/8/2009, 21:38

Right, I'm Nick, I'm 19, bordering 20 and I live in Liverpool England

I've been listening to Metal since day 1, all thanks to my mum, originating from Black Sabbath, and evolving in taste over the years, I'm a big thrash man, Chuggy riffs and Insane solos are the shit, My favourite bands are the likes of Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, TOOL, Pantera, Black Label Society, among many others, I also listen to quite a bit of Classic Rock

I play Video games probably more than is good for my health, hours and hours a day whilst I'm still looking for a job, although at the moment my PS3 has the Yellow Light of Death, so I can't play anything at the moment haha, Horror/Survival and games that generally try to mess with my head are full of win

Besides the Music and Gaming, I dabble in a bit of bass, nothing major at the moment though as I don't have a functional amp, blew my last one haha,

As other interests go, I Love anything Zombie related, Martial Arts films of all kinds and Stand up comedy, watching the Football [Liverpool FC], Ice Hockey [Anaheim Ducks], Wrestling and UFC

I'm generally an easy going, fairly simply pleased guy, Give me Metal, Video Games, and more or less anything containing Alcohol, and I'll be happy for hours
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Post  TheArtofBalance on 6/9/2009, 00:47

So glad to see you on the boards man. We've got a shit load in common, I cant wait to start working together and making this a sick community!


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