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Fobeus (An Introduction)

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Fobeus (An Introduction) Empty Fobeus (An Introduction)

Post  Fobeus on 6/8/2009, 23:35

Hi I'm Fobeus. I work as a Freelance Digital Artist mostly focusing on Environment Modeling, Matte Painting for web, print & games. I currently live in Johannesburg, South Africa where I was born & raised. I have also lived in Vancouver, Canada for two years & I have also spent quite some time in Germany & California.

I guess I got into Metal in the early 90's when I was about 12, heard Metallica & fell in love with the genre. Since then my taste in the genre/sub has changed a bit. I'm really into Metalcore, Death Metal, Industrial, Gothic & Dark Wave. I also love classical music & I also collect Film & Game scores.

I'm a Hardcore Gamer! Favorite genres are: FPS, Survival Horror, RPG, Action, Adventure.

Some more info:

Interests: Visual Effects, Filmmaking, Cinematography, Photography, Matte Painting, 3D Modeling & Texturing, Web Design, Music, History, Norse Mythology, Supernatural, Zombies (the Undead, living dead whatever you wanna call it Wink), Video Games

Hobbies: Gaming, Reading, Playing the Guitar & Piano, Sculpting, Watching Horror Movies, Listening to Music.


Beverages: Beer, Coffee, J├Ągermeister
Book: The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead - Max Brooks
Game: Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy for you folks in North America)
Films: Blade Runner, Fight Club & The Evil Dead series
Bands: Rammstein, In Flames, Diary of Dreams, Deathstars & All That Remains

I guess that sums me up pretty well. There's more but that's all I clould think of.tongue

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Fobeus (An Introduction) Empty Re: Fobeus (An Introduction)

Post  Guest on 6/9/2009, 00:42

What's up bro? Glad to see you have decided to join us! Kick-ass intro also, we have a lot in common.

I love gaming myself. Recently I retired from COD WaW (sad day... too frustrating), and have currently been tearing up the streets of Liberty City in GTA IV online. I'm also looking to pick up a title for the summer, but can't decide on anything yet. I've been strapped for cash, so I can only buy one and have to make it count... any suggestions?

It's crazy that you are into zombies...I have always been a big-time zombie/zombie hunter fan. Great classics like Night of the Living Dead got me going and I've been a fan ever since. Zombies are very symbollic as well.... we have zombies all around us as we speak.

Also, I love mythology. I have studied quite a bit at University, so if you ever want to discuss anything just let me know. I am more into Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Mythology, but love the Norse stories as well.

Anyway, great to have you on the boards man. Look forward to reading more... keep it brutal! \m/

-The Dualist


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