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Hey guys, look! It's another n00b!

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Hey guys, look! It's another n00b! Empty Hey guys, look! It's another n00b!

Post  Crow on 7/18/2010, 06:16

Well yeah, obviously I kinda joined this on a whim before I took a closer look at the activity, but, what the hell. This seems interesting, so I'm just going to post and hope this place picks up the pace.

So, hi. I'm Crow. I'm not going to give you my life story but I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden where I have remained since my parents made the mistake of leaving the sweet, sweet north for this place. Unlike the rest of you, I suppose, I found the metal scene pretty recently when my sound sensitivity disappeared enough for me to start listen to music again... and hell am I going anywhere! Twisted Evil I can't say I have a favorite genre, since I listen to everything from Raubtier to Alestorm... but as long as I can feel it, then what the hell. Looking forward to this.


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