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General Statement about the Metal Militia

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General Statement about the Metal Militia Empty General Statement about the Metal Militia

Post  Guest on 5/30/2009, 07:43

About the Metal Militia

Look at the world around you, what do you see? Our lives are becoming meaningless and greed and corruption are the new moral standard. Politicians campaign across our Nation, yet all essentially serve the same masters once they make their way to Washington. Those behind the scenes pull the strings of the puppets who are supposed to be looking out for us and the end result is unjust policies of which the vast majority would oppose, if only given honest information and a chance to vote on the issues. Even the serious issues which we consider an actual threat such as poverty, crime, war and the destruction of our environment are manipulated in order to serve the interests of these same select individuals who, in the end, only wish to raise our taxes and beat the drums of war. Even our relationships with each other are suffering as a result of this mess we have concocted. Neighbors do not interact with each other as they once did and the sense of community and civic responsibility is all but lost on the younger generations. Strangers passing on the street will not look each other in the eye out of a general distrust of our fellow man and insecurities within oneself. Families are disappearing and good friends are hard to come by. These are just a few of the underlying issues that lead to the formation of the Metal Militia.

For far too long our community has been marginalized and stereotyped as degenerates and underachievers in society. The average citizen does not appreciate the intelligence and creativity that underlies the Metal music scene and our corresponding way of life. In my experience, so-called ‘metal heads’ are some of the smartest, free-thinking individuals that I have ever come into contact with. That is one of the primary goals of the Metal Militia… to represent ourselves and the music we love with dignity and pride in order to not only increase our following, but also to do our part in terms of shaping the image of the Metal following and maintaining it.

With our image comes our mission. The Metal Militia seeks to fight the injustices of the world and protect individual freedom and liberty using “music as a weapon.” We hope to educate the public and unite fellow patriots and lovers of freedom to preserve our way of life and stand-up for our own. It is not only our goal to simply share and discuss these issues, but also to produce a Quarterly e-zine, entitled “The Monster,” which will cover news about music, art, current events, and other issues important to the Metal Militia. Also, it is our intention to establish a strong, vibrant community under the banner of music.

Though this is just a brief representation of the Metal Militia, it serves to share our basic vision and mission with the general public. One can learn more about our organization by either contacting us or applying for membership (all information can be found on the main page and in the forums). We hope to see all of you metal heads, free-thinkers, and patriots on the boards and in the communities spreading the word and fighting the good fight. Hold your heads high, stand-strong and always rock hard!


The Dualist
Co-Founder of the Metal Militia


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