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Post  Blast-O-Rama on 6/10/2009, 12:08

Ello Metalheads Blast-O-Rama but my real name is Mase, I not going to give a life story but Born in Warwick R.I. raised in Indiana, took to the metal scene when my step-mother murdered my ears with Neil Diamond, Horror Junkie and Metalhead & fomer member of a VampireFreaks before they went Fake and all Emo, Im a Bassist and Song Writer for my band The Crazy Eighty-8s theirs only two of us,

What I Do & Intrest: Im still in High School, Bassist, Writer, Song Writer, Video Game Nerd, A slave to the Stewarts Shops New Yorkers know, In some small time projects, Filmmaker, Makin Fun of the serious people On Halo 3,

"Life's a stage and we're all in the cast" Ozzy Osbourne, Words that mean so much to me, Live life to its fullest Love it and Stay Metal

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Post  Guest on 6/10/2009, 12:12

Welcome to the boards, brother! Kick-ass intro also. Take a look around, make yourself at home, and keep it brutal! \m/

-The Dualist


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