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Im here bros

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Im here bros Empty Im here bros

Post  WARGASM723 on 6/11/2009, 04:00

I finally made it!!!
Thank you AOB and The Dualist for doing this. I really missed the Metal Union site and was hoping it would have continued, now my wish came true.
Time to put some Iron Maiden on and headbang/celebrate!!!!!!!

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Im here bros Empty Re: Im here bros

Post  Guest on 6/11/2009, 04:14

Welcome to the forums bud, we are glad to see you back! I was also missing the Union, so this is our attempt to offer everyone a similar, yet much improved version of an already good thing. When we decided to do this, AOB and I had specifically mentioned that we would like to get in touch with you...

Anyway, hope you enjoy what we are doing here man. Also, if you would like a spot on the Advisement Team (our consultants for developing The Metal Militia), holler at either AOB or me and we will set you up. Look forward to getting back in touch. Keep it brutal, brother! \m/

-The Dualist


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