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Post  Guest on 6/14/2009, 00:14

I'm thinking about putting together a 'clan' because I'm tired of weak teams costing me games. I'm very competitive and hate to lose, even with trivial things such as gaming. Being said, I'm thinking about forming Ghost Prototype (named after the Scar Symmetry song) which will be a clan primarily devoted to GTA IV, though I may encorporate other games later on. Considering all of the other things that I have going on, this deal will be just for fun. However, you need to have some skills to apply. It will be hosted through playfire, a site several of you are already familiar with, and there will be a maximum of 20 spots available for now. If you are interested in joining up, let me know here. Again, this is not one of those hardcore deals with scheduled weekly practices or anything; rather, it is insurance that a lousy team doesn't lead to me getting my ass-kicked. lol. Keep it brutal! \m/

-The Dualist


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