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Post  korn16ftl3 on 6/19/2009, 18:29

so ya ive been a member for maybe 3 or 4 days and i totally missed this section Razz

any who im brandAn (note its not brandOn) im a gamer thru and thru tho i hate micro blows (there systems are such piles of shit in my opinion but i had to have one and you will see why in a bit) my prefferance is PS3 by far

i am also a collector of games/platforms (got some old school shit sitting in ure attic taking up space hit me up ill prolly be interested its just a matter of coming up w/ the money)

check out my collection here:

as well as a fan of metal almost everything from pinkfloyd (i know there not really metal) to any thing that isent much more scream-o / hardcore tof a sound than slipknot (im using there first 2 albums as an example as the rest suck) so ya that pretty much rules out stuff like cradle of filth and such i also like a little rammstein (been told this was industrial what do u think?) as well as other odditys of music that suit my mood

(also note im terable at spelling grammer and have a bad habit of cellphone/chat room text slang hopefully youll learn to ingnore it and not flame the hell out of me if not dont read my posts i suppose)


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